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Keeping Your Puppy Happy – 15 Vital Tips

November 8, 2012
Puppy and Girl

We all adore dogs and  love our puppies even more. They can be a lot of hard work to take care of but that’s OK because they are also so adorable and damn cute. But if you love your furry friends as much as I do, how do we keep them healthy and happy? The list is endless – from good dog flea treatment to grooming methods and best dog nutrition. These are fifteen good tips to ensure that your furry pal will always be in good health: 1. Spend lots of time with your puppy – play with him,…

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Pet Skin Allergies – What Are The Causes?

November 4, 2012
doggy pic

We all know that pets itching and scratching themselves is a common occurrence. This is a phenomenon that is very familiar to most cat and dog owners out there. But most pet owners think that pets scratch themselves for one reason and one reason only – a flea infestation! But this is really only a part of the story. There can be many other reasons why pets can itch and all them are due to some form of allergy – but the difference is WHAT causes the allergy. And this is where the subject gets interesting, so if you want…

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