Keeping Your Puppy Happy – 15 Vital Tips

November 8, 2012

Puppy and Girl

We all adore dogs and  love our puppies even more. They can be a lot of hard work to take care of but that’s OK because they are also so adorable and damn cute. But if you love your furry friends as much as I do, how do we keep them healthy and happy?

The list is endless – from good dog flea treatment to grooming methods and best dog nutrition. These are fifteen good tips to ensure that your furry pal will always be in good health:

1. Spend lots of time with your puppy – play with him, love him, teach him good manners and talk to him all the time. He will reward you with endless loyalty and affection.

2. Feed him well – puppy nutrition is vital so give him good food and plenty of water. But take care not to overfeed your dog either. Dogs can get fat too and that will endanger their health.

3. Lots of sleep is important – puppy will want to play a lot but he also needs lots of sleep to help him grow. Once puppies grow into older dogs their sleep patterns will change.

4. Puppy health checks are important, so provide good healthcare by keeping up with regular check-ups and vaccinations. Remember that natural products are the best option so choosing a natural dog flea treatment, for example, is always a good idea.

5. Puppy safety is crucial, so provide a safe environment for him by securing your property and your pool. Remember that pups can easily be run over, so make sure you keep them off the street.

6. Hygiene is also vital – nobody likes smelly puppies so bathe and groom him regularly and he will reward you with his love. Bath time can be fun time and this will teach him not to fear water or doggie shampoo.

7. Puppies need to chew, so provide him with toys to chew and wash all chewable items  regularly – this is better than having him chew your carpets or your shoes! Remember that like kids, puppies can have itchy gums at times so they chew to help strengthen their new and developing teeth.

8. Brush your puppy’s teeth – start early when he is still young so he gets used to it and only use a toothbrush and toothpaste that is made especially for puppies.

9. Puppies do not like fleas and ticks and they can be really bad for his health – so keep him disease free and happy by using a dog worming tablet and the safest flea treatment for dogs once a month. Ask your vet for advice if you are not sure what product to use.

10. Make your home puppy safe by keeping all breakable items out of his reach – so remove those glasses, cups and vases from the coffee table! Pups like to play and they have no idea if granny’s vase is valuable or not!

11. Teach your children how to bond with your puppy – children can be rough with pets unless you teach them how to treat them with care and how not to hurt them. Dogs make great pals for kids but both sides need to first get to know each other.

12. Puppy training is important from an early age – teach him obedience and where his boundaries lie, but be patient and gentle and avoid any harsh punishment methods. Reward him with small healthy snacks and he will learn very quickly.

13. Pictures tell a story so take plenty of photos for a lifetime of happy memories on how puppy looked when he was small and when he grew up. Doggy pics look great on blogs and you can post them to your image sharing page as well.

14. Puppies love outings so join a dog club and take your puppy to classes – he will love the company of other dogs and will learn to socialize with other canines. This will also teach him to tolerate other canines without being aggressive.

15. Love is the most important thing you can give your furry little friend – he needs lots of cuddles and plenty of warmth and love. This will create the firm foundation for a lifetime of happiness for you and your furry friend.

You will be amazed by the incredible companionship, love and affection that your puppy will reward you with if you pay attention to these simple steps.

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