Pet Funnies

Here you’ll find the funny side of being a pet owner, where we will share lots of funny and amusing stories, pics and happenings from the world of pets.

Do US Presidents Really Love Their Pets?

November 15, 2012
presidential dog

History has shown that almost all US Presidents, past and present, had some involvement with pets or animals. The question is, was this just window dressing to please the voters and the press or did they really some affection for animals. In other words, do US Presidents have the compassion to love their pets and care for them, or are presidential pets just another political ploy to hoodwink the public? Let’s find out which US Presidents really loved animals because this would reveal some interesting insights into their characters, don’t you think? Here is an article about an interesting book…

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Do Pets Love Music?

November 6, 2012
Singing Kitty

‘If music be the food of love play on’….. I’m sure we all know that famous line from Shakespeare and it serves to remind us that as human beings we are constantly moved and emotionally influenced by music. No secret there. But what about our pets? How do animals experience music and does it have an effect on them? Well, you are about to find out…. Don’t let those studded collars and angry growls fool you… new research finds rescue dogs prefer Mozart to Motorhead Studded collars might suggest otherwise, but new a new study shows dogs prefer classical music…

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Welcome To Some Pet Fun!

October 25, 2012

Welcome to our pet blog! We thought we would start our blog with a post which highlights the fun side of being a pet owner. As a pet owner you will be well aware of the responsibility and work that comes with taking good care of your feline or canine friend, but there is also so much fun involved when caring for a pet. Here are some amusing stories and fun ideas that some pet owners have come up with: Help Handi-Dogs while having fun at Dogtoberfest – Arizona Daily Star Dogs painting pictures. A radar gun clocking how fast…

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