Pet Skin Allergies – What Are The Causes?

November 4, 2012

doggy picWe all know that pets itching and scratching themselves is a common occurrence. This is a phenomenon that is very familiar to most cat and dog owners out there. But most pet owners think that pets scratch themselves for one reason and one reason only – a flea infestation! But this is really only a part of the story. There can be many other reasons why pets can itch and all them are due to some form of allergy – but the difference is WHAT causes the allergy. And this is where the subject gets interesting, so if you want to find out more, read on…

Pets typically have three different kinds of allergies. One is a flea allergy, in which they have a reaction to flea saliva. Along with common allergens, fleas have been thriving with weather conditions over the last year.

A second allergy is one that’s often difficult to diagnose, which is a food allergy. Most allergies start in the first few years, but food allergies can start at any time. Dogs are usually allergic to beef, followed by dairy and wheat. Cats are also allergic most to beef and dairy, as well as fish.

But the third and more common allergy, and the one Jenkins likes to study, is atopic dermatitis – or the skin allergy. ….and more>>

So, from the above informative article we can deduct that pet allergies can be divided into three main categories. Allergies caused by flea bites, allergies to any foods that your pet might be eating and thirdly, a condition known as atopic dermatitis, which is skin allergy that also occurs in humans.

But let’s focus on the topic that most of us pet lovers know about – flea allergy dermatitis. The reason for the allergy is simple. All pets can get a flea infestation and when fleas bite your pets they can start itching. But there is a far more severe form of itching caused by flea bites in some animals that’s caused by an allergy to the saliva of the fleas that bite them. Read below for more details…

Veterinary Clinic in Hermitage Warns Pet Owners About Fleas – MarketWatch (press release)

Hermitage veterinarians Dr. Kay Baker, Dr. Ben Baker and Dr. Hope Wright are warning pet owners about the dangers of fleas.

“Fleas are more than just a pesky annoyance,” said Dr. Kay Baker. “These parasites can cause intestinal worms and other health problems. If a dog becomes a host for fleas, then these fleas can easily spread to bedding, carpeting and upholstery. Eradication is difficult and expensive. Prevention is affordable, easy, and an important part of pet care.”

Dogs are extremely allergic to fleas. According to the veterinarians, the bite of a single flea can trigger a painful dog rash and an allergic reaction that may last up to three weeks. Itchy or irritated skin may be symptomatic of a dog rash caused by fleas.

As you can see from the above expert opinions, it’s a serious problem when dogs develop a flea bite allergy dermatitis. And whilst most of us routinely treat our pets for fleas, some people don’t – and this can have disastrous consequences for your pet. Here is an example of such a horrible case…..

A disabled woman from Birmingham has been warned she faces being banned from owning pets after allowing her flea-ridden dog’s skin condition to get so bad he lost almost all his fur.

Wheelchair-bound Amanda Dalton pleaded guilty at Birmingham Magistrate’s Court to one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal after horrified RSPCA officers found her pet Charlie muzzled in the garden at the 41-year-old’s home in Swinford Road, Weoley Castle.

Gaynor Sutton, prosecuting on behalf of the animal protection charity, said officers attended the house after concerns were raised by a worried member of the public who had spotted the mistreated Rottweiler crossbreed in the garden… on

So the facts speak for themselves – one of the three most serious causes of pet allergies can be directly linked to flea infestations of cats and dogs. From the above information it becomes clear that there is a lot more to keeping your animals flea free than most pet owners realize. Flea treatment is extremely important to keep your pet healthy. So next time your vet recommends a good brand name flea treatment for your cat or dog please take the advice and make sure your furry friend is well looked after.




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